Otávio Cordeiro

📷 Day 24: Court.

📷 Day 23: Chance.

Call me crazy, but I like to write User Stories for my side-projects to track the things I want to implement. I never know when I’ll have time to work on my own stuff, and that’s my way to remember things.

📷 Day 22: Insect. Taken with an iPhone 5 using an olloclip 10 years ago.

🐣 🥣 tinyScientist’s first solid meal: success.

📷 Day 21: Tiny. JPEG, almost SOOC (I had to crop it).

Week 2023-11

On Tuesday I returned from a 10-day vacation, and on Friday I had another day off. In Germany there’s no carry over from one year to another, and the deadline to spend the vacation days from the previous year is end of March. As I still have vacation days from 2022 that I’m forced to take, I’m taking all the Fridays off until the end of the Month.

During the week we took tinyScientist to the doctor to do some extra tests he’ll for his surgery. We’re excited for him, but anxious as hell. I have faith in Science and in the doctors here. The support he’s getting from them is spectacular.

After months waiting for tinyScientist’s Kindergeld, it has finally arrived. Bureaucracy in Germany is a big thing, but at the end everything works as expected.

Last weekend I finished the modular architecture for my omg.lol client for macOS. The first feature I built while working in the architecture was the Statuslog. During the week, with just a few hours here and there I added PURLs. It’s a good indicator the modular architecture is a success. My goal was to achieve full decoupling in a way it should be easy to extend the application and add new features.

I started playing Octopath Traveler II. The first game was amazing, and I ordered the second game as soon as they started selling it.

📷 Day 20: Houseplant. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 19: Analog, JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 18: Portico. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 17: Early.

Call me crazy, but I like Core Data.

📷 Day 16: A brick on the road. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 15: Patience 🎶. This one is from the day we got engaged, many years ago. Fun fact: Axl Rose saw us in the front row and pointed at us when I proposed to her.

📷 Day 14: Horizon. JPEG, SOOC. Taken with an old Nikon.

📷 Day 13: Connection. JPEG, SOOC. Taken with an old Nikon.

📷 Day 12: Shiny. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 11: Gimcrack. JPEG, SOOC.

I don’t think I’ll ever get use to visiting an Apple Store, scanning the product with my own phone, paying with Apple Pay on my device, and leaving the store without talking to anyone. Feels weird.

📷 ☕️ Day 10: Ritual. JPEG, SOOC.

I just learned the company provides subscriptions for Calm, Headspace, Mindletic, and Yours. Gonna try their trials and then pick one.

Another account deleted today: Wolt.

📷 Day 9: Together. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 8: Walk. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 7: Whole. JPEG, SOOC.