Last update: 2022-03-30.

🔭 Working

I’m currently working at Nord Security’s NordVPN as a Senior macOS Engineer.

🌱 Hacking

I’m currently working on a macOS application to post and browser Micro.blog. To support the application I’ve implemented a generic lightweight network client, which can be used for different projects, and a Micro.blog API wrapper to access the service’s endpoints.

✏️ Writing

I’m currently working on a blog post about Unit Tests and Test Doubles.

🎧 Listening

I’m currently listening to 99% Invisible, and Twenty Thousand Hertz.

📺 Watching

I’m not watching any TV shows at the moment.

🎮 Gaming

I’m currently playing Luigi’s Mansion™ 3, and Big Brain Academy™: Brain vs. Brain.

📚 Reading

I’m currently reading the following books:

O Negócio do Jair: A história proibida do clã Bolsonaro
by Juliana Dal Piva

Dad's Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies
by Mathew Miller

A Philosophy of Software Design
by John Ousterhout

Otavio Cordeiro @otaviocc