Otávio Cordeiro

📷 Day 6: Engineering. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 5: Tile. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 4: Zip. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Day 3: Solitude. JPEG, SOOC. Photo taken at the Place des Vosges, in Paris.

👨‍💻 I finally managed to answer all the direct messages, channels, and threads on Slack at work.

⌨️ 👨‍💻 Five minutes using my new mechanical keyboard and I already love it.

📷 Day 2: Weather. JPEG, SOOC.

⌨️ 👨‍💻 New keyboard day. Exciting!

📷 Day 1: Secure. JPEG, SOOC.

Deleted my Pinboard account and archived all my Pinboard related projects on GitHub.

👨‍💻 There’s no API for displaying an Emoji Picker, so I had to build my own.

📷 ☕️ Best coffee, at my favorite coffee shop.

You don’t want migraines with aura and visual snow. Trust me.

🪴 👨‍💻 Another entry to my digital garden, Fixtures, used in Unit Tests. As always, all the examples are in Swift.

📷 ❤️ I found Margaret Hamilton today. JPEG, SOOC.

From Neil Macy’s blog (but not from a post):

I’m falling back in love with reading and writing blogs. Twitter’s downfall isn’t all bad.

I couldn’t agree more. And I recommend his blog post Blogs are dead, long live blogs.

Week 2023-07

It wasn’t a good week. ADHD decided to show up. My head wouldn’t stop and I got nothing (good) done. But at least I published a digital garden page about Fakes and Nórdico, a theme for the Mastodon app Mona.

🪴 👨‍💻 The next topic I’m working for my Digital Garden is Fixtures, as part of the series on Unit Testing.

🪴 👨‍💻 I’ve added another entry to my digital garden, this time with themes for the Mastodon app Mona. There’s a single theme there for now, Nórdico, based on the Nord Theme, but I have ideas for other themes already.

🪴 👨‍💻 I’ve added a new entry to my digital garden called Fakes. It’s part of a series of notes on unit testing with doubles and fixtures that I’m putting together. The examples are in Swift, but the concepts are the same for all languages.

iOS/iPadOS 16.3.1 and macOS 13.2.1 are out with important fixes.

Used my LEGO VIP points to reedem the set World of Wonders.

🪴 The next topic I’m working for my Digital Garden is Fakes, why they’re important and when to use them in Unit Tests.

Just installed an Obsidian plugin for importing Kindle highlights. It’s possible to either connect to an Amazon account or import directly from a device (using My Clippings.txt, which can be accessed by connecting the Kindle to a computer). Pretty cool.

Digital Garden

🪴 Last weekend I moved some pages from my personal notes to a Digital Garden hosted in my domain. Digital Gardens don’t follow the same structure of a blog and are in constant mutation. For now you can find there:

All the pages have a link to my Buy Me a Coffee page, for those who think the content is useful for them. Coffee helps to keep the Digital Garden growing.