Mona is Mastodon application for iOS and macOS. The apps are still in beta, but available to download on their official Mastodon account Mona.


Nórdico is a Nord inspired theme for the Mona app.

It can be installed using the QR code below


Miragem is based on Ayu Colors.

QR code:


Xcode is based on Xcode’s default theme.

QR code:


Things is based on the colors of Things from Cultured Code.

QR code:

Starry Night

Based on Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night.

QR code:

Great Wave off Kanagawa

Based on the famous painting Great Wave off Kanagawa.

QR code:

Mona Lisa

Based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting Mona Lisa.

QR code:

Based on’s dark color scheme.

QR code:

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