Micro.publish is my Obsidian plugin to post directly to Micro.blog.

1.6.0 (planned)

  • As a user I want photos to be automatically uploaded when I publish a new post

1.5.0 (tag)

  • As a user I want to schedule my post to be published in a specific date
  • As a user I want Obsidian to automatically fetch my Categories when the app launches

1.4.0 (tag)

  • Minor improvements

1.3.0 (tag)

  • Minor improvements

1.2.0 (tag)

  • Always show list of hosted blogs (even when there’s a single blog)
  • New command to synchronize categories (a.k.a. tags)
  • Category picker when publishing a note

1.1.0 (tag)

  • Minor improvements

1.0.0 (tag)

  • Initial version