Call me crazy, but I like Core Data.

👨‍💻 There’s no API for displaying an Emoji Picker, so I had to build my own.

🪴 👨‍💻 Another entry to my digital garden, Fixtures, used in Unit Tests. As always, all the examples are in Swift.

Week 2023-07

It wasn’t a good week. ADHD decided to show up. My head wouldn’t stop and I got nothing (good) done. But at least I published a digital garden page about Fakes and Nórdico, a theme for the Mastodon app Mona.

🪴 👨‍💻 The next topic I’m working for my Digital Garden is Fixtures, as part of the series on Unit Testing.

🪴 👨‍💻 I’ve added a new entry to my digital garden called Fakes. It’s part of a series of notes on unit testing with doubles and fixtures that I’m putting together. The examples are in Swift, but the concepts are the same for all languages.

👨‍💻 So far it’s scaling pretty well. Repositories know about Services, and Features know about Repositories. The main application knows about Feature (which are micro apps). Instances needed by all the micro apps are resolved and injected by the main application.