I’ve been working on version 2.0.0 of Micro.publish, which will introduce the ability to edit Micro.blog posts originally composed and published through Obsidian. I’ve managed to allocate a small fraction of my daily time to this project, and progress has been quite promising. I already have it functioning, and I’m currently in the testing phase before releasing it.

I made a change in my online presence, deleting my old Matrix account, which had been lying dormant, and creating a new one using the omg.lol server.

Also part of the recent changes, I decided to remove Bluesky from my phone and disabled cross-posting to Bluesky and Nostr. I’ll continue cross-posting to Mastodon but have enabled the “Automated Post Deletion” feature for posts older than one week. In the case of Bluesky, I went ahead and deleted all of my posts there.

I went on a trip to Lithuania for our Apple Team off-site. We spent our time in cabins in the countryside, and the remarkable thing about our getaway was that work was the only topic we deliberately avoided. During my stay, I made the most of the picturesque setting to capture numerous photos.

When returning home, I was warmly welcomed by scientist and tinyScientist at the airport. tinyScientist seemed frozen at first when he saw me, but quickly jumped into my arms once we reunited.

Last but not least, exciting news, tinyScientist just sprouted his very first tooth!