Earlier this week, I published Micro.publish 1.7.0, which introduces support for YAML frontmatter/Properties for titles and tags. I am so happy with all the feedback I received and all the coffees I was gifted!

I renewed my subscription to Obsidian Sync. I had canceled it a while ago, but I realized that Obsidian is the best solution for note-taking and syncing notes between different devices. I need my Zettelkasten on both my personal and work devices.

We took tinyScientist to two doctor’s appointments this week. The first was a routine checkup with the pediatrician, and the second was a follow-up appointment with a specialist (related to the surgery he had earlier this year). tinyScientist is doing well!

I am very particular about color schemes and wallpapers, but this week I found the perfect wallpaper for my computer and phone.

I also updated several entries in my Digital Garden:

and the Micro.publish page on GitHub, which is the content displayed in Obsidian’s Community Plugins section.

I received some very sad news that my favorite barista in the city passed away suddenly. Not only was her coffee amazing, but she was also a wonderful person. She always treated tinyScientist very well, and he loved her.

Last but not least, it was my work anniversary. I have been with Nord Security (NordVPN) for two years now. Every year, we receive a gift from the company, and this year I got a baseball cap with the NordVPN logo on it.