I’m on Bluesky, this new social network created by another billionaire. I don’t have plans to create content there, my focus is, and always will be, The plan is to cross-post what I write on my blog there, as I already do with Mastodon.

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I canceled Obsidian Sync and Obsidian Publish. The service is really good, but I’m not it’s worth the price for my needs. git works just fine for me.


Monday is the day with most of my meetings, retrospective, pre-planning, planning, syncs with other teams, etc… But this time I attended all from home. I’m avoiding working from the office until tinyScientist’s surgery.

Tuesday I took a day off to talk to doctors about tinyScientist’ surgery. And the rest of the week was just business as usual.


I wasn’t planning on starting another feature in my client before releasing it to the public, but recently I started using Pastebin more and more and thought it would be a good idea to implement it in my client.

On Monday I worked on the PastebinNetworkService, responsible for the network requests for the feature.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I didn’t have time to work on the project, but on Friday I started the PastebinPersistencekService, responsible for persisting the snippets locally on Core Data.


The reason I didn’t have much time to work on my app has a name: Cult of the Lamb.


Two weeks ago I traveled to Turkey for the company Workation and didn’t take my camera with me. I knew I would miss the opportunity to take amazing photos, but I wanted to pack light, using a single backpack. So, I challenged myself to take RAW photos using my iPhone instead.

Everything I know about RAW is theoretical. I don’t shoot RAW and don’t know how to edit or “develop” photos of this format.

I have Darkroom instead on my devices, because I bought the life-time license a long time ago, and decided to give it a try.

Darkroom is magical. All the controls and features are so intuitive I was impressed by the results. I even created a Preset for me, so that I can apply the same look and feel to other “similar” photos.

Will I use RAW on my camera? No. My Fujifilm camera is for SOOC photos only, but I might start shooting RAW more often on the phone.