Last week I arrived from the Workation on Sunday, and stayed at home most of the week. The first time I left home this week was on Thursday.

Just to be on the safe side, I took several COVID-19 tests. tinyScientist’s surgery is less than a month from now, and we want to protect him from any sort of cold or flu.

We were planning to take him to the zoo on Saturday to see the lions, but it was one of those rare sunny days, so the zoo was probably packed with kids, better to avoid it a while longer.

Decided to walk in the city instead, found a park that’s open enough, and took tons of pictures. Also, coffee…


I didn’t hack a single line of code on my personal projects. The only thing I did was to post on social network a crash I noticed on my client, which was introduced in the latest macOS update. It’s super weird, and no one knows how to solve it. I submitted a bug to Apple.