tinyScientist is officially six months old. I was browsing some of his early pictures and it’s crazy how much things have changed in such a short time. This week he tried Parsnip and Potato. He loved the first, but didn’t enjoy the latter that much. Pumpkin is still this favorite.

Browsing Disney+ I found Devs, a Hulu TV Show I had no idea existed. It’s an 8-episode miniseries about free will and determinism where Nick Offerman runs a tech company with quantum technology to… It doesn’t matter, it’s Nick Offerman. Interesting show, watched the entire thing.

Last week Bear released Bear 2 Beta on TestFlight and, as a big Bear fan, I downloaded it to try. The editor was rebuilt from scratch, adding features users were asking for a long time. One of my favorite features is backlinks, something all Obsidian users know well. Currently Bear supports [[WikiLinks]], allowing one to link another note (as Obsidian does), but the new version implements backlinks, showing which pages link the one selected. It also shows pages that mention the page but don’t link them (Unlinked Mention). This is big! I exported all my Zettelkasten notes from Obsidian and imported on Bear and will use it for now on. And it’s a native application, and I’m a sucker for good native applications.

I’m using Arc from The Browser Company as default browser in my work computer for a few months, and I’m loving it. The way the tabs are managed, the different spaces, and profiles, the pinned tabs, etc… I’m the kind of person who can’t handle multiple tabs open at the same time, quickly getting lost in a see of tiny favicons. Arc changed that completely, I can easily keep several sites open simultaneously and, more importantly, find my way in it.

Thursday Arc released Arc for iPhone. It’s not a browser but a bookmark manager. It gives access to Spaces, Easel, and Notes one has on their computer. And offers the ability to create new tabs by importing URLs from other apps via the iOS’ share sheet. Still not sure how useful it is; time will tell.


Most of the time I work from home, but if there’s a day I like to go to the office, this day is Monday. It’s the day I have most of my meetings (Retrospective, Planning, 1-on-1s), and it’s the day the kitchen is restocked. Big day.

On Wednesday we had a public Meshnet Meetup, open to the community where the team talked about the feature and technical details and concepts on networking and how the whole architecture was designed and built. My macOS team works on Meshnet, and I’m happy to see the company promoting and talking about what we’re building openly. We even released some of the libraries as open source software. And, as in most meetups, tons of pizza and beer.

During March I experienced 4-day workweeks, but this week I had two days off, Thursday and Friday. Finally used all my vacation days from 2022.


I finished the Now Pages support on my app for macOS. The implementation allows the user to update their Now Pages and keeps a history of previous edits, in case the user wants to roll back a version.

Additionally, I’ve added a way to share the Now Page as a Status in the Statuslog.

Next week I plan to add the Webpage feature, so that users can edit their pages. Once that’s done, I will decide on how to release the application. I don’t know if Open Source or not, if AppStore or direct download (as and NetNewsWire). But I want to get it out before implementing the blog support, which will be a bit more complex.


First year I managed to complete’s March Photo Challenge. I created a category and added all my photos there,. These are my favorites:

  • Solitude - JPEG, SOOC with a Fujifilm X100V
  • Engineering - JPEG, SOOC with a Fujifilm X100V
  • Road - JPEG, SOOC with a Fujifilm X100V
  • Portico - JPEG, SOOC with a Fujifilm X100V
  • Court - JPEG, SOOC with Obscura 3
  • Support - JPEG, SOOC with Obscura 3

I’m planning to write a blog post (or Digital Garden entry) about Obscura 3, the setup I have, and why it’s my favorite iPhone camera app.