Obsidian is the source of truth for most of my writings1 and I though it would be interesting to post to Micro.blog directly from it. In the past I explored several applications such as Ulysses, iA Writer, and many others which allow publishing to Micro.blog, but they don’t work for me, they don’t reflect the way I think and take notes. Obsidian does.

So I searched on Micro.blog and found this post from @philbowell:

I wonder if there is a way to post to Micro.blog from Obsidian. 🤔

And nope, there isn’t. So I took the challenge.

Obsidian isn’t a native application and I can’t remember when it was the last time I wrote something which isn’t compiled to run on an specific architecture 👨‍💻, so I had to learn TypeScript and npm, and spent a good amount of time making Visual Studio Code look pretty (stealing ideas from my friend Atila).

Luckily for me, the TypeScript syntax isn’t that different from Swift, so in a matter of hours I had something working. Since the Obsidian Plugin architecture is OOP, I decided to go with OOP using MVVM, without third-party dependencies to avoid taking unnecessary complexity into Obsidian.

The result of all this is Micro.publish, my Obsidian plugin to publish to Micro.blog. The plugin isn’t available to install from Obsidian’s Community Plugins yet since they review all the plugins there, but it’s possible to install it directly from GitHub by following some manual steps.

Micro.publish has the features I need. It allows

  • setting default tags
  • setting the default post visibility
  • setting a default blog (for those with more than one M.b blog)

And before publishing, it’s possible to override these default settings for the post being published.

More features are planned, and will be coming soon.

  1. DayOne, don’t worry I won’t dump you. ↩︎